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交易手续费 英语

service charge

英语翻译为: transfer charge或Transfer fee。 相关短语: 1.转账手续费 Money transfer fees;Remittance charges;Transfer fee 2.比特币转账手续费 Transaction Fees 相关例句: 1、Any entity that invests in industrial production constru...

“交易费” 有两种说法: ~transaction fee 交易手续费 ~transaction cost 交易成本费

一般的手续费是handling charge 财务方面的手续费是the bank charge,也有人这样说the bank handling charge.

Bank charges are paid by both parties,we have to pay fees too.So,after deducting fees from our side,it is 9965$.We will be counted according to the amount of 10,000.

Your advanced payment have been received,deducting poundage,we actually received UAD5,716. Thank you very much for your trust and support, the order will be delivery on time.Looking forward to our cooperate!

Please note that there are three(3) different fees payable for remittance from overseas. First, the processing fee for the payment made by a foreign customer. Second, the processing fee to charged by our (bank) when we receive ...

该笔手续费已于5月5日汇款给你,业务编号为abcd,请你行查询,避免重复向我行收取 The poundage is on May 5th, remittances to you, business Numbers for the abcd, please query, avoid duplication of charge to the bank 望采纳!谢谢!

You mean we shall pay all the bank commission occured?

do you charge the handling charge?你们这个收取手续费吗? 例句 只供电汇,汇款银行或者中间银行可能会收取手续费。 Will only supply the telegraphic transfer, the Remitting bank or the middle bank will possibly charge the handling c...

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