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交易手续费 英语

Online payment business transaction fees 英文

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service charge

转账手续费 [词典] [财] transfer charge; [例句]请问个人跨行转账最高手续费是多少? How much for the maximum individual inter-bank transfer?

“交易费” 有两种说法: ~transaction fee 交易手续费 ~transaction cost 交易成本费

一般的手续费是handling charge 财务方面的手续费是the bank charge,也有人这样说the bank handling charge.

Bank fee shouldn't deducted from the totol amount.

Bank charges are paid by both parties,we have to pay fees too.So,after deducting fees from our side,it is 9965$.We will be counted according to the amount of 10,000.

原文:机票退票手续费。 译文:Ticket refund fee. 重点词语解释: ticket 英 [ˈtɪkɪt] 美 [ˈtɪkɪt] n.票,入场券;标签;传票,交通违规的通知单;候选人名单 vt.售票;给…门票;加标签于,指派;对。。开交通违章通知...

在我提供的价格上加30%手续费 add 30% handling charge to the price I provide

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